2019-04-15  From:ALIC    Reader:611

The product to be introduced is 2pcs ceramic knifes set with PVC packing. This set includes 4” 1 PC +5” 1 PC. Known for the wear resistance, high density and endurance hardness, neither does ceramic knife have pores for hiding dirt nor will get rusted and it cuts everything sharp and fast. When using against food, no metallic residue will remain and cleaning is an easy job. These features deliberately overshadow the metal knife. In normal circumstance, there’s no need to grind it.The green cutting tool keeps food’s color, flavor. The material is Zr0z and its chemistry performance is featuring stable, healthy and environmental protection, resistant to all kinds of acid and alkali corrosion of organic matter, coupled with no reaction with food. Delivery time is 20 days after deposit , MOQ :1000 SETS , we have every reason to believe that our products are in high-end quality and moderate price and popular in your market.


Ms Sandy Xu