2019-03-04  From:ALIC    Reader:568

The product to be introduced is 3pcs storage bowl set with plastic cover.This series includes 7.5” storage bowl+1pc plastic cover,6.5”storage bowl+1pc plastic cover and 5.5”storage bowl+1pc plastic cover.These products are warmly welcomed in other markets

The products are in compliance with the state hygienic criterion owing to their advantage of being innocuous,odorless and without qualitative change.They can be widely used in microwave oven and dish-washer.What's more,it is harder than ceramics and bears radical temperature variation.

Compared with  the traditional ceramic tableware,opal glassware has a wide applicability,environmental protection,strong durability,non-stick oil, easy to wash and ect. Nowadays, the opal glassware is considered as the newest substitutes of tradition ceramic.They are very popular with houseware,hotel supply and gifts.

The main material of the product is silicon.Usually,the minimum order quantity are about 3600sets,and delivered in 30 days after deposit. It is no doubt that our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be popular in your market. 

Mr Yang Zhengmao